About “Eating Baltimore”

About Mike Photo
My name is Mike. I’m new to Baltimore, I love food, and I love photography.

I’m also a freelance Web Designer, Graphic Artist, and Social Media Marketing consultant.

I was trying to find a side project/hobby where I could combine my personal and professional interests and also provide some sort of useful service to my new hometown of Baltimore. I also wanted a project that could serve as a case-study in “Social Media Marketing” for my clients; providing them with examples of post types, how to create and share content, how to build (and engage) an audience, and how to support and nurture their “brand” without being overtly “salesy” or superficial.

The idea of a food blog called “Eating Baltimore” satisfied all of these requirements, so in early May 2015 I started photo-documenting most of the food I ate around town and formalized the 7 project goals listed below.

The 7 Goals of “Eating Baltimore”

  1. Create a visual guide to the best dishes in Baltimore, focusing on the food rather than typical restaurant reviews.
  2. Make it easy to discover and see what’s good and to enable sharing great dishes with friends.
  3. To connect and network with other Baltimore foodies…I’m new to the city so I could use a few local friends.
  4. To improve and hone my photography, blogging, SEO, and social media skills.
  5. Paying special attention to mobile users, making sure all content is accessible and optimized for mobile devices.
  6. Clean design with little visual clutter. The focus should be on the food with very few distractions. There are a limited number of advertising spots available to help support the site, and when they’re gone they’re gone.
  7. Accomplish all of this with a budget of $300 or less.

Bon Appétit!

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