Brothers Sushi in Federal Hill

I’ve been to 7 different Sushi places in Baltimore but Brothers Sushi is the only one I went back to 4 more times. It’s just always really, really good. The first person you’ll probably see when you walk in is Richard, the Sushi chef. Always quick with a hello and a smile, the guy is an artist with a knife. The last time I dined at Brothers, I sat at the counter right in front of Richard so I could watch him work. He really does do amazing things with sushi and it’s fun to watch him create those colorful and intricate rolls by hand.

The place is unusually quite (decibel wise), even when it’s busy. Perhaps people feel a sense of respect or reverence for Richard’s magical sushi rolls or something when they’re there, I don’t know, but you can actually hold a nice conversation at a normal volume in here. The lighting is not dark but just subdued a little. It’s just got a great vibe and cozy ambiance for a sushi place.

I like to eat at Brothers Sushi around ‘Happy Hour’ time since they have a discounted menu and I get to try out a bunch of different dishes I normally wouldn’t order (like the Hamachi Cheek, kinda weird looking but it tasted great!). I’ve never been disappointed in anything they’ve served but I highly recommend the pineapple crab wontons, and the melt-in-your-mouth Rainbow Roll. Oh, and the seaweed salad is awesome, too…crunchy and cold and crisp.

There are a dozen other menu items I want to try so I know I’ll be back again and again.

Bottom line: If you love fresh sushi, Brothers is consistently great — fantastic presentation, friendly service, always delicious, and affordable to boot. A Mecca for Sushi right here in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood.

> See a birdseye view of the location on map below.